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Applications For Lasers In Surveying And Construction

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Lasers have been used in the surveying and construction industry for years. They are highly precise and can survey at a much lower cost than conventional methods. Some of the most common reasons for using lasers is for measuring distances, making sure that construction artifacts are properly aligned and constructing 3D models.


For surveying, the types of lasers that have become the standards include semiconductor lasers and helium-neon lasers. They operate by sending a fast laser pulse to a corner reflector at the location to be measured. Lasers are able to measure at surprisingly long distances, with NASA using a laser to measure the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

With the push of a button, laser measures can determine the distance between two objects in a manner much more accurate than conventional tape measures. These tools use true laser light rather than using laser sound. The laser is simply pointed at the end point of what is being measured, whether this be a wall, piece of furniture or the ground, and a display then lists the distance. With many measures, if you place the back of the device against the wall, the size of the device will be factored in and you will be able to perform wall-to-wall measurements.

The laser measures come with different ranges. Therefore, you will want to find out what range the laser has so you can determine if it will satisfy your desired applications. Also, some laser measures have additional features, such as pythagoras. This will measure the third side of a triangle.

Lasers for Alignment

Whether objects are level plays a large role in how well the object will ultimately be constructed. For this reason, laser levels are essential to make sure that objects are properly leveled. Laser line levels are most often used for interior work.

One specific tool used for alignment is a pipe laser. These tools are usually used for underground trenching and pipe work. Pipe lasers allow for the laying down of pipes to be performed much more quickly and at a lower cost.

Analyzing 3D Spaces

Laser scanners can be used in surveying for the 3D modeling of scenes. Surveyors use it for measured building surveys and to create 3D models. This allows for better control over excavations, the structural analysis of buildings and precise dimension checks. The condition of a building can be checked rapidly and at a much lower price.

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