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How to Troubleshoot 3 Common Industrial Oven Issues in Your Commercial Kitchen

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The industrial oven you have in place in your restaurant kitchen is put to use for many hours every day. You probably to rely on this piece of equipment to function in a certain way to please every patron that takes a seat in your dining area.

If the oven is not functioning as it should, it can really put a damper on the efficiency of your daily business and your ability to serve foods in a way your customers expect. In the food service industry, it is imperative that you know how to recognize common issues that can arise with your cooking equipment, especially the ovens.  

Issue: The oven will not maintain steady temperature.

Cause: Discrepancies in the consistency of oven temperature will inhibit you from cooking food as it should be prepared and may even cause food safety problems. If you are seeing temperatures fall and rise during cooking, it is a good indicator that the oven needs to be calibrated. This is accomplished by turning off the equipment and resetting the thermostat. If after calibration you are still having problems, you may have to have the thermostat replaced by an electrician or service professional.

Issue: Food is coming out of the oven cooked unevenly.

Cause: If you put a rack of bread in an industrial oven, convection heat should make the entire rack come back out cooked to perfection from the top tray to the very bottom. If you notice foods are not cooking evenly as they should, there could be a blockage in the convection blower of the oven. Power off the oven and allow it to cool. Check each blower to make sure it is not clogged with food or debris and clean accordingly.

Issue: You have spikes in temperature during timed cooking.

Cause: The industrial oven contains several different sensors that regulate the internal temperature during cook times. Even though convection air is used in larger ovens, there are still burners at play that are hidden out of sight. If the temperature suddenly spikes inside of the oven, this is a good indicator that there was a sudden electrical surge powering the oven burners. This problem is one that should only be tackled by a professional electrical service such as Bader Mechanical Inc as it is usually related to faulty wiring.

When you can spot problems with your industrial ovens before they become a major issue, it will be more likely that a problem can be addressed without interrupting service to your guests. It is best to educate yourself with the troubleshooting tips that are often outlined in the oven manufacturer's handbook.