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2 Tips For Prolonging Your Smartphone Battery And How To Keep It Charged

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The battery life on most smartphones today is impressive, and typically lasts most of the day, depending on how much you use it.There are some things you can do, however, to help the battery last longer, as well as have a way to keep it charged at all times.

Use a Portable Battery Charger

To keep your smartphone battery charged, you can purchase portable battery chargers at most battery supply stores. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The batteries contain multiple battery cells within the device to hold the charge and transfer it to your electronic device.

You should understand, however, that the smaller that the battery the less juice the charger will provide. For example, you may get three to four charges out of it if you choose a smaller one, or you will have many more charges with a larger one. Once the portable battery is depleted, simply plug it into an electrical outlet to replenish it with power. How long this take depends on the battery charger you choose.

If you only need to charge your smartphone long enough to last until you can get to a wall charger, something small will suffice.  If you are traveling and will not have access to a wall charger for some time, you should choose a larger battery. When using the battery, the smartphone connects to it via a USB cable.

Watch the Temperature

Temperature plays a role in how quickly the battery on your smartphone goes down. If you live in an area that stays below freezing, your battery will reduce quicker while you are outside. It will also reduce faster if it gets too hot. While outside, keep it out of direct sunlight, and do not expose it to freezing temperatures.

Turn Off Vibration

If you have your smartphone set to vibrate when you get an incoming message or call, you should go into your phone's settings and turn it off. Your phone has to use more energy to vibrate than it does to play a ringtone. If you still want to keep the vibration turned on, most phones have a setting that you can lessen the magnitude of the vibration so it uses less energy.

If your battery drains after only a few hours, this is not normal. You can try to restore your smartphone to fix this problem before you take it in for repairs. If you do choose to restore, back it up first. You should find the instructions on how to do this in your smartphone's user manual. If you do a restore and still experience problems with short battery life, it may need to be serviced. Talk to experts like Shelton Battery, Inc. for more information.