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Five Benefits Of Using Hard Chrome Plating

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Finding the finish that's durable, attractive and versatile can be a challenge. You want something that will stand up to the most rigorous industrial use, but you don't want a complicated and expensive process. Hard chrome plating can be the answer to all of these issues and more.

What is hard chrome plating?

Hard chrome plating is an electroplating process where chromium is made to cover other types of metal via an acid-based electrolyte solution. This process is used for a huge number of applications, on everything from automobile and motorcycle parts to tools to ball bearings to industrial parts.

Hard chrome plating differs from decorative chrome plating (used for vintage car bumpers) in that it produces a more durable, if slightly less shiny, coating.

The process of hard chrome plating involves thoroughly cleaning the surface of the item to be coated, so that no debris or dirt prevents the coating from adhering. Then, the item is placed in a vat with the chromium solution. The length of time the item stays in the vat depends on how thick of a plating is desired.

Benefits of using hard chrome plating

1. It makes for a hard, durable surface. Hard chrome plating, unlike stainless steel, nickel or other types of plating, is extremely hard and durable. Items with this type of plating are very resistant to scratches and wear marks.

2. It resists corrosion. Items that have been hard chrome plated are resistant to rust and corrosion. Since this type of coating is scratch-resistant, there is little opportunity for the finish to be scraped off and the underlying surface be allowed to rust.

3. It offers superior adhesion. With some types of plating, you'll see thin places or places where the coating doesn't adhere well to the surface. This virtually never happens with hard chrome plating.

4. It will cover a wide range of materials. Hard chrome plating works well with a wide variety of materials, from cast iron to nickel to brass. Even some types of plastic can be coated with hard chrome plating.

5. Chrome offers a bright, attractive finish. Chrome plating gives an attractive finish to any piece of equipment, giving a crisp, shiny look that's reminiscent of vintage automobiles.

If your looking for a finish that's has an attractive look, is durable and resists scratches and corrosion, hard chrome plating is difficult to beat. Whether you're manufacturing parts, tools or consumer goods, this process has a lot to recommend it.