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Four Places To Look Around Your Home For Scrap Metal Recycling

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In these tough economic times, finding ways to earn extra money and keep more money in your pocket is both helpful and smart. You might be surprised to discover that you have a small gold mine in your home in the form of scrap metal. There are a number of items that you often overlook. Familiarizing yourself with just some of these items can help put more money in your pocket.  

Living Room

Your living room likely contains a number of items you can take to a scrap metal recycling center. First, consider that old television you're planning to replace. Within the inside of the television, there is copper yoke and a capacitor that both have a fair amount of copper inside them. The base of any old lamp stands that are damaged and just sitting around can also be used for recycling purposes. Any copper statues you have can also be considered a hidden treasure for recycling.


In the event you have to replace a busted or old pipe in your home, don't simply toss the old materials in the trash. Many of the pipes used in home plumbing systems are made from copper or a brass that is tied in copper. Both of these materials can be taken in for metal recycling. In the event you need to replace your old copper pipe, you can take the money you earn from the recycled pipe and put it toward the purchase of new materials.

Patio and Garage

If you have an old wrought iron patio set that you are looking to replace, now is the time. You can take the entire set in and recycle it. This is also the case when it comes to iron railing or swing sets that you just have sitting around. In addition to patio furniture, lawn and garden tools like old weed eaters and lawn mowers also have a number of components that can be taken in to earn extra money.


Those old pots and pans that you no longer like to use for cooking can also be used to earn money. Additionally, appliances like your microwave and refrigerator are also items you don't want to overlook. If you're looking to recycle on an ongoing basis, you can also start collecting your aluminum beverage cans as a number of metal recycling centers will also accept these items.

As you can see, earning money from scrap metal recycling isn't rocket science and it doesn't require you to look very hard around your home. It's a fairly easy process. Start your collection, find a local center to drop off you items and start earning money.

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