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Why You Should Have Your Machinery Sandblasted Before Repainting

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Painting your machinery is a smart option for a few reasons. First of all, it can make old machinery look like new again. It's also great for company branding because you can choose to paint it in a color that you pull from your logo or that is otherwise associated with your business. Plus, painting your machinery has more practical purposes as well. It's great for protecting your machinery from moisture and the elements and preventing rust.

Before you repaint your machinery, however, you should consider hiring an abrasive blasting service to sandblast it. With this service, a professional will come out and blast away any existing paint and other debris from the surface of your machinery before you paint it. These are a few reasons why you'll find this service to be worthwhile.

Get Rid of Rust

As mentioned above, painting your machinery is a good way to prevent rust. Even if there is already mild corrosion on your machinery, painting can help. However, you will need to get rid of the rusty spots first. You can actually get rid of minor rust with a piece of sandpaper, but an even more effective method is sandblasting. This is especially true if the rusty spots are big or if there are multiple corroded areas.

Ensure a More Even Application

One of the main benefits of painting your machinery is the fact that it can make it look its best. However, if you paint on top of existing paint, you won't get the most attractive look. Instead, there's a chance that the paint will look uneven, which is never a good look.

By sandblasting your machinery first, you can ensure that you have a prepared surface to paint, which will help the paint stick better when it is applied. Plus, you don't have to worry about the paint having a chipped or uneven look after it is applied, so you can enjoy a smoother, more attractive painted surface when the job is done.

If you haven't painted your machinery in a while, now is the time to do it. You're sure to love how fresh and new it looks when it's done, and you'll be able to enjoy other benefits, too. However, before you do that, you'll need to hire an abrasive blasting company, such as Steel Coatings Inc,  to come out and sandblast your machinery first. Then, you can get the most benefit out of the paint job.