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Meaningful Advice When Inspecting Used Hex Head Bolts

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Hex head bolts are very strong and easy to grip onto, which is why a lot of contractors work with them every day. If you're planning to use some that are used, here are some inspection tips to remember.

Focus on the Head

The head is one of the most important parts of a hex head bolt because it's what you'll be gripping onto when securing these fasteners into materials like wood and steel. You need to carefully inspect each head portion before trying to work with these fasteners. 

If you don't see any noticeable structural issues like warping or sections missing, then you can feel confident you'll be able to maintain a good grip on this fastener type when driving it into a material. Whereas if you see structural deformities around the head of a used hex head bolt, it's probably best to find a different fastener that's in better condition.

Treat Corrosion if Spotted

If hex head bolts are pretty old or weren't treated with protective coatings, there may be some areas of rust on these fasteners. That doesn't mean they're totally compromised from a structural standpoint. You just need to inspect the rust and see if it can be treated.

If it can, then you can get rust removal products and then restore used hex head bolts back to their optimal state. Just make sure you treat all areas where rust has developed and then perform a careful inspection after it's removed. 

Compare New and Used Bolts Together

When you go to inspect used hex head bolts that you're planning on using in a project, it's a good idea to have some form of comparison that lets you see potential issues. In this case, get new hex head bolts and compare them with used varieties that you're planning on working with.

You can then see what the used varieties are supposed to look and feel like. If there are discrepancies, you can look into them further and see if they're going to affect projects that require this fastener type. If you don't see anything alarming, then you can use these bolts with confidence going forward.

If you have to combine materials using hex head bolts, you may want to go with used varieties so as to reduce fastener costs. As long as you follow the right inspection protocols, you can ensure these used varieties are good to go before manipulating them with tools. 

For more information on hex head bolts, contact a company near you.