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Reduce Budget Worries with Modular Refineries

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Whether you're a small oil-drilling operation or a large company with multiple fields, your equipment and operation budget is always a concern. Any way to save money or to make money faster is one you want to look at. One such way is to use modular crude oil refineries. These are smaller refineries that are set up with pre-fabricated sections. They refine crude oil just like traditional refineries do, and they can speed up the process of refining to selling and making a profit.

Cheaper to Set Up and Run

A modular refinery is usually much cheaper to install and run. Parts of the refinery are pre-fabricated and brought to the site, and the refinery is assembled from these parts rather than built from scratch. That makes assembly much faster and means that it won't be long before your workers can begin refining crude oil into all the various products that are needed in industry and society. And, since the refineries are smaller, they may not cost as much to run.

Faster Production for Faster Sales

There's nothing magic about modular refineries that turn crude oil into various products, and at this part of the process, you're not looking at time savings for refining specifically. But the fast setup of the modular refinery means you can reach the refining stage more quickly than if you'd taken more time to build a traditional refinery. So in a way, you do have faster production with the modular refinery, and that means products reach the market faster.

Profits Easily Make Up Initial Costs

Once you start selling refined products, you can start making a profit. Because the cost of a modular refinery setup and operation is much lower than the cost to set up and operate a traditional refinery, it won't take long before the money you get for the refined products starts to outpace the money going out for the operation. Additionally, the money coming in will soon pay for the setup of the refinery equipment. If you're a small operation, the relative speed with which you can go from mostly paying out to mostly taking in can be a relief.

Obviously, there's no guarantee. Oil prices can change quickly and drastically, and "quickly making a profit" is relative — to an outsider, it could seem like a long time. But with the quickness of a modular refining setup, you're on the fast track to becoming profitable.