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Commercial Counter Display Cases

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Counter displays are essential in retail settings. They support business transactions. They also provide an area to showcase merchandise. Learn how quality counter displays can benefit your business operations.

Counter Display Cases

Countertops that feature built-in cases provide space to conduct financial transactions and display products. A custom counter with a built-in case is a specialized unit that can be designed for business use. A durable material is used to construct the counter that is secured to the display case. The case is constructed of tempered glass. This type of glass is shatterproof.

Counter Display Usage

Counter display cases are often installed in high-traffic areas. A counter display case can be used to lure customers to one part of a business.

For instance, if a clothing retail shop offers several departments, a display case may be featured within the entry area of each department. The use of multiple cases will allow sales associates to conduct business in each part of the store that they oversee. 

Countertop Materials

Melamine and aluminum are two materials that commercial countertops are constructed of. Melamine is a synthetic compound that is durable and heat resistant. It comes in a variety of colors, including white, beige, and grey. Melamine is easy to clean and is suited for use in high-traffic areas.

Aluminum is a lightweight metal that is durable and rust-resistant. This type of metal is malleable and can be formed into a variety of different counter styles. A simple metal counter that lacks grooves will be easy to maintain within a retail setting.

Display Ideas

A glass case can be featured on one or both sides of a display unit. The type of counter design that is selected will influence whether it will be more suitable to have a single-sided or double-sided glass case installed.

Glass shelves that are anchored within the case will make merchandise visible to anyone who approaches a case. Glass shelves that are shatterproof are suited for use within a display case. A display case can be used to market expensive merchandise or new products that have recently been introduced in a store.

Security Features

A counter display unit can be equipped with security features. Sliding doors and drawers that are built into the design of a counter display unit can be equipped with a lock system. A lock will prevent the theft of merchandise, cash, or other valuables that are stored underneath the countertop.

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